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Bee Hive Removal

Check out this bee hive our Technician Skip Haffke found while doing a Bee inspection.  Our crew member Jose had to remove the roof tiles, break the stucco, gut out the wood members, and insulation that were in the way […]

Man Dies After Being Stung More Than 1,000 Times

A short and easy hike ended in tragedy when a young man died after being stung more that 1,000 times by bees. The young man was walking along the trail when he and a friend were attacked by the bees. […]

National Honey Month

September is National Honey Month and to celebrate, here are some fun facts you may not know about honey: Honey is 80% sugars and 20% water. Honeybees fly at 15 miles per hour and will travel approximately three miles from […]

Dog Is Stung By Bees 155 Times

A family in La Habra is keeping a close watch on their dog after it was stung 155 times by a swarm of bees. The dog is now at home recovering after being released from an emergency animal hospital. “My […]

Truck Runs Off The Road And Releases Millions Of Bees

A truck on Interstate 80 ran off the road and fell into a ditch, causing millions of bees to be released. The truck, carrying a full load of bees, was traveling eastbound on I-80. A Highway Patrol officer said that […]

Women Attacked By Bees After Car Crash!

Two women recently had the worst driving experience of their lives when they collided in a simple two-car crash. One of the cars lost control after the collision and hit a tree, causing one of its limbs and a massive […]

Rave Reviews!

   “We brought Termite Terry in to inspect a residence we were interested in buying. An inspection had been done earlier but we had concerns that the report might not accurately reflect the extent of the damage we were seeing. […]

Rave Reviews!

    “My experience with Termite Terry was fantastic from the get-go. I initially contacted the company through its online contact form and received a very timely response (in my experience, online contact forms are sometimes a black hole). I called […]

400 Pounds Of Honey Found In A Home!

    Just imagine how you’d feel if you owned a million dollar home, located on the edge of a cliff. Your home has a huge deck hanging out over the cliff and you have a wonderful ocean view. That would […]

Rave Reviews!

“I am writing to let you know that during the last twelve months, the reliability report that we publish on Termite Terry has had 553 inquiries and reflects 0 complaints. In most cases, these report viewings are done by potential […]