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Women Attacked By Bees After Car Crash!

Two women recently had the worst driving experience of their lives when they collided in a simple two-car crash. One of the cars lost control after the collision and hit a tree, causing one of its limbs and a massive bee hive to fall.

The 51-year old female driver and 17 year-old female passenger got out of the car after hitting the tree. While waiting to exchange information, they were suddenly attacked by a swarm of angry bees. The young girl was stung about 50 times and the older driver was tortured with over 1,000 bee stings! Witnesses at the scene say the driver jumped into a nearby swimming pool to get relief. The girl fell onto the street, covered with bees. The first deputy on the scene used a fire extinguisher to help get the bees off the girl. He later used a garden hose to remove the rest of the bees.

The women were treated at a nearby hospital. The brave deputy was stung but did not go to the hospital for treatment. Firefighters sprayed the area with foam to help gain control and an exterminator came by later to remove the hive.

Now, I wasn’t there before the accident so I don’t know if anyone had seen the bees swarming around the tree. But, if someone did notice the large bee hive, they should have reported it and had it removed. Large bee colonies in a residential area can be a serious safety hazard. These women were lucky. Had there been a young child or an elderly person on scene, they may have suffered serious injury or even died from the bee attack.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m asking for you to be good neighbors and look out for problems like this. I know we are all concerned about the environment and protecting bees, but we also need to be concerned about the safety of our citizens. If you want to save the bees, please remember there are beekeepers that can safely remove the hive and take the bees to a safer area.