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Man Dies After Being Stung More Than 1,000 Times

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A short and easy hike ended in tragedy when a young man died after being stung more that 1,000 times by bees.

The young man was walking along the trail when he and a friend were attacked by the bees.

His friend was able to run to a nearby restroom where she was able to escape the bees. She later alerted another hiker who went back to check on the young man. The young man was found lying on the ground, covered in bees. The bees were so aggressive that this other hiker was unable to approach him.

Park employees arrived later and they, too, were forced back by the bees.

When a Sherriff’s Sergeant arrived at the park, he jumped on a park utility task vehicle (UTV) and raced to the scene. With the help of two fire fighters, he was able to load the young man onto the UTV and remove him from the scene, still covered in bees. When they arrived at the emergency vehicle’s location, the bees had dissipated and fire personnel began life saving measures.

The young man was then taken to the hospital, only to die a short time after arrival.

Termite Terry suggests that if you’re going hiking and want to avoid a bee attack, it is best to wear light colors (avoid dark and red colors). It is best to keep quiet because loud noise can upset some bees. If you are attacked, it is best to run to shelter or a car – some bees won’t stop stinging until you’re dead.