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Hoarding And Pest Control Problems

    Recently, we were inspecting a home in Aneheim that had a severe infestation of German Roaches. The gentleman living there was a hoarder and you could barely get from one room to another because magazines, newspapers and numerous boxes of junk were piled up from floor to ceiling in every room. This place really smelled bad and most of the workers had to wear respirators to keep from throwing up.

    I started my inspection in the bathroom. It was flooded because the bathtub and toilet were clogged. Cockroaches were everywhere. I told the owners that they were going to have to hire a plumber and get it cleaned up right away.

   The kitchen had dirty dishes and rotting food everywhere. There were an enormous number of roaches. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the kitchen counter. Originally, it was an avocado green color, but there were so many roaches and they had completely covered the counter with a thick layer of black roach droppings. I opened the fridge and found it filled with thousands of roaches, too! The bedroom wasn’t any better. There were roaches and roach droppings all over his bed. This man had roach bites all over his body!

    This is a very sad story and there is no reason why anyone should ever have to live in these conditions. Compulsive hoarding is no joke – It is a serious problem. If you know or hear of anyone living in these horrific conditions, may I suggest that you contact the hoarding task force which is sponsored by the Mental Health Association of Orange County. Homes like this need to be cleaned out and almost everything thrown away.   

    Getting rid of all the bugs in these homes isn’t easy. You’ll need a serious plan and it’s going to require a lot of work. Need help with pest control problems? Call Termite Terry Pest Control at (949) 631-7348 or order form and we’ll be glad to assist.