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Man Contracts Hantavirus After Staying In Park Cabins

A 22 year-old man has been hospitalized for two weeks after contracting Hantavirus, a rare and potentially fatal rodent-borne respiratory disease. Some believe that the young man, who was a tour guide at the park, may have contracted this disease while staying in the state park’s cabins. The exact source of this disease is still unknown and officials are continuing to investigate.

The young man began having symptoms during the Fourth of July weekend. After having consistent headaches for five days, he woke up on day six with a 104 degree fever. A friend suggested that he go to the local emergency room, where the doctor suggested that he was only suffering from the flu. His parents were not convinced, and on the following day they took him to a hospital in their hometown.

As soon as he arrived at the hospital, he started throwing up and his lungs began to fill with fluids. He was rushed to the ICU, where he has been for the last two weeks. The young man is now awake and able to communicate by writing on a whiteboard. He is still breathing through a ventilator due to fluids in his lungs.

Hantavirus is transmitted to humans by fecal droppings and urine left by deer mice. The park’s workers are supplied with traps, gloves, and masks, and told to clean up droppings and dispose of any dead mice caught in traps. The young man’s family wants the state to take responsibility for risking the safety of park staff members by putting them up in buildings where they know there is the potential of being exposed to this virus.

Since 1993, there have been 690 reported cases of Hantavirus, and 36% of those have resulted in death. Experts recommend that you keep deer mice and all rodents out of your homes or businesses. If you know of a problem, especially with deer mice, please don’t attempt to do it yourself. You need to call for professional help, now!