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National Soup Month

January is National Soup Month. That’s perfect because nothing drives away those chilly winter blues like a bowl of your favorite hot soup. Here are some fun facts about soup:
• The word soup is derived from the Latin word ‘suppa’, which refers to bread soaked in broth. In the 1600s, the French popularized the word ‘soupe’. In the Proto-Germanic language, you’ll find the word ‘sup’, which means to ‘make liquid’.
• The earliest evidence of soup dates back to about 20,000 BC. Ancient soup bowls from this time period were discovered in Xianrendong Cave, Jiangxi Province, China.
• The Campbell Soup Company is the world’s largest producer of soup. Their first jar of ready-to-eat soup was introduced in 1895.
• In 1897, Dr. John T. Dorrance, a chemist with the Campbell’s Soup Company, invented the process of condensing soup. This invention led to smaller packaging and made soups more affordable, while preserving the quality of the ingredients.
• Instant noodles were created in 1958 by Momofuku Ando, the owner and founder of Nissin Foods, of Japan. He developed the entire manufacturing process, and they estimate that more than 100 billion servings of instant ramen are consumed each year!
• In 1962, Andy Warhol painted the famous Campbell Soup cans. When asked why, he confessed to eating Campbell soup for lunch, for 20 years!
• Tomato, cream of mushroom, and chicken noodle are three of the most popular soups in America.
• In a Campbell’s Soup survey, nearly one-quarter of the respondents confessed to a soup-related white lie – they admit to passing off canned soup to dinner party guest as homemade!