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Termite Inspection Orange County Termite Terry Pest Control

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Rave Review!

“Terry and Brayden get an A+ from me. Highly recommended. They were punctual, professional, honest, and serious about getting those darn termites! Here’s my short story:

    On a Saturday, I was about to enter my enclosed kitchen and saw a couple of termites in the entryway to it. When I looked for more, I saw the kitchen floor was covered with loose wings, crawly termites and flying ones! Gross. We killed them, sprayed the edges of the kitchen floor and called Terry on Monday. Since Saturday, we didn’t see any more critters. Next day, Tuesday, Terry arrived with Brayden and I told them the story. The guys did a full inspection of the entire condo, checked behind the stove, behind the fridge, behind the dishwasher (yes, pulled them out, which was not an easy effort, and put them back carefully). They checked every room, every corner, behind the laundry units. I mean everywhere! These guys were on a mission! Maybe the termites knew these guys were coming and just ran. They’re like the Chuck Norris of termite control. After spending 30-40 minutes checking my two bedroom condo, they found nothing.  

    Then Terry explained how subterranean termites behave and told me what to do if they come back. I asked how much the inspection costs and he said it was free! What? I offered lunch money for all that time and effort, but they kindly refused. Next day, Terry sends me a report on the inspection!! A free report? Can the customer service get any better? I had a great experience with Terry and Brayden, and am thankful I was referred to them. I’ll certainly be calling them for any future needs. Thanks Terry and Brayden!”

Irene Good
Mission Viejo