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Rave Review!

I work at a major Orange County theme park, and in taking some cheap hotel property home from the company sale, I unknowingly took home bed bugs.  I had been getting bites for about a week and a half, not knowing where they were coming from, when I caught an actual bug in the middle of the night and began calling exterminators.

I got inspections/quotes from one large chain and from Termite Terry. I was disappointed that they were not able to send someone out to inspect/quote the same day and that there was a charge for the inspection.

However, the national chain had not sent an actual exterminator to inspect. Even though their price was good, I was hesitant to use them because I wouldn’t meet the exterminator until the day of treatment and I wouldn’t be able to vet him by making sure he was knowledgeable and thorough to get rid of the most difficult pests. Simply spraying bed bugs isn’t enough, as they are highly resistant and good at hiding for up to a year, so I needed to find a pest guy who knew this and was going to fully inspect and treat not only the room, but my furniture and my stuff.

The inspection and quote from Termite Terry came with a fee, but it was worth it. They fully inspected my room and the 2nd bedroom belonging to my sister, as well as the living room.

We went with Termite Terry over the big national brand. The price was twice as much, but they impressed my parents and my dad is a biologist who consults for rodent pest control. He knows that with pest control, you get what you pay for.

Three months later, I haven’t had a single bite. I caught the infestation early, and we only found 4 live bugs total. But we found eggs, and one of those bugs and lots of eggs were inside a CLOTHES HANGER. A lesser exterminator wouldn’t have found that. Your technician, D.J., was so thorough that we took care of the toughest bugs in one go. He came back and sprayed twice, like he said, just in case.

Anna Timm