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Dream Vacation Ruined By Bed Bugs!

A family had worked for months to save up for their dream vacation and they had invited 15 of their family members to join them for a week of fun in the sun. Their destination was a beach home they […]

The FTC Nails Two Companies For Marketing Unproven Products!

The Federal Trade Commission has  filed deceptive advertising charges against two companies that market products which contain natural ingredients, such as cinnamon and cedar oil. These companies allegedly failed to back up their exaggerated claims that their products could prevent […]

“Termite” Terry’s New K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Services!

Bed bugs are small, flattened insects that can live in a crack the thickness of a business card. They are also great hiders and can be very difficult to find. “Termite” Terry’s pest control specialists are very well trained and […]

Rave Review!

I work at a major Orange County theme park, and in taking some cheap hotel property home from the company sale, I unknowingly took home bed bugs.  I had been getting bites for about a week and a half, not […]

Be Careful When Shopping For Used Furniture . .

    Recently, one of our clients decided to go on the internet and do some shopping for used bedroom furniture. After making some calls, she found someone that had what she wanted. She went over to this person’s home and […]

Bed Bug Problems Are Getting So Bad That Insurance Companies Are Now Having To Offer “Bed Bug Policies”!

Since the late 1990’s, bed bug populations have multiplied at an alarming rate and they are becoming a nightmare for many owners of apartments, hotels, motels and college dorms. Insurance companies are always looking for new opportunities and several of […]

How To Travel And Stay Bed Bug Free!

    Bed bugs were a very common problem in the U.S.. After World War II, we were able to virtually eradicate these pests by using residual insecticides, such as DDT and Malathion. However, bed bugs began to re-emerge during the […]