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How To Lower Your Home Maintenance Costs

Everyone knows that they should change oil and maintain their car on a regular basis. Otherwise, your car won’t last very long and you’ll have to spend a “whole bunch of money” to buy a new one, right? A home […]

State To Monitor Deadly Citrus Pest

The California Department of Food and Agriculture has announced they will assume the task of monitoring 8,355 traps that are set up in California’s commercial citrus orchards. These traps are designed to catch the Asian citrus psyllid which is the […]

Termite Terry’s Presentation For LeTip Of West Orange County

Termite Terry recently gave a presentation for a meeting at LeTip of West Orange County. His presentation was titled, “How To Lower Home Maintenance Costs” and it focused on “The 7 Key Areas Of Home Maintenance” which could save homeowners […]

How To Control Spiders

Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders and is the most common of all phobias. If the sight of a spider creates fear in your heart, you are certainly not alone. In Western societies, 55% of females and 18% of males […]

“Termite” Terry’s New K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Services!

Bed bugs are small, flattened insects that can live in a crack the thickness of a business card. They are also great hiders and can be very difficult to find. “Termite” Terry’s pest control specialists are very well trained and […]

Blue Birds Earning Their Keep In California Vineyard

In an innovative study, nest boxes were installed at a California vineyard and they have attracted hundreds of birds. And, in exchange for the “free housing”, the farmer’s crops have been picked clean of pests. This is heartening news for […]

Be Careful When Shopping For Used Furniture . .

    Recently, one of our clients decided to go on the internet and do some shopping for used bedroom furniture. After making some calls, she found someone that had what she wanted. She went over to this person’s home and […]

Wasps To Replace Sniffing Dogs?

     When it comes to sniffing out trouble, scientists believe that wasps may be better than dogs. They can be used to ward off intruders, track down criminals, locate bombs and detect toxic chemicals. Wasps have the same sensitive odor […]

95 Year Old Man Survives 400 Bee Stings!

A 95 year old man was walking near his home in Southern California when he was attacked by an angry swarm of bees. The man was stung by the bees over 400 times, but somehow managed to survive. The local […]

One Of The World’s Most Feared Pests Found At Airport!

The Khapra beetle, which is one of the world’s most feared pests, was recently found at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. U.S. Customs officials discovered the Khapra beetles in two ten pound bags of rice, which were brought in by a passenger […]