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Termite Inspection Huntington Beach

Have a home or business in Huntington Beach that has termites, termite damage or dryrot damage problems? And, maybe you’re becoming frustrated because you don’t know who to call or who you can trust to solve your problems? Well, if that describes you, then you have come to the right place! Here are a few points that you should really consider:

  • Before you do anything or make any decisions, you need to start by calling us for a thorough termite inspection of your home or business. You’ll get more valuable information than you can imagine and of course, you are always welcome to join us while we perform your inspection. That way, you’ll see for yourself what is really going on and you’ll learn exactly what you’ll need to solve your problems. Inspections are always FREE for qualified homeowners.
  • Are you buying or selling a property? We offer escrow termite inspection and real estate termite inspection at nominal rates. Don’t become a victim of this turbulent real estate market. Order your inspection today so you’ll know exactly where you stand before you invest!
  • Need a termite fumigation? At Termite Terry Pest Control, we’ll get rid of all your termites or your treatment is FREE! No other termite company in California will match our money back guarantee. Just ask yourself, “Why would anyone want to take chances with another company that “might” get rid of their termites?”
  • Are you tired of mediocre wood repairs? Want your job done right and on time? We have some of the best carpenters in the business, but don’t take our word for it. Read the RAVE REVIEWS from our satisfied Huntington Beach clients – These are real letters from real people and we did not tell them what to say.

To schedule your appointment, call us at 949-631-7348 or click here and use our handy termite inspection form now.

Termite Fumigation of The New Huntington Beach Farmer’s Market!

Termite Fumigation of The New Huntington Beach Farmer’s Market!

“Rave Review” From Huntington Beach Painting Contractor!

Huntington Beach Termite Damage & Dryrot Repairs

Huntington Beach Termite Damage & Dryrot Repairs

“Hi, my name is John Thomas and I’ve been a painting contractor for the past 15 years. Over the years, I’ve come behind many different termite companies that have done repairs on homes that I’m going to paint and I’ve seen a lot of shoddy repair from many of these guys. But, that’s not the case with Termite Terry. His work is first rate, everything is plumb, all holes are filled and corners & miter joints are cut very nicely.

It’s a pleasure to come behind him. It saves me a lot of time and I don’t have to point out more repair problems to the homeowners that will add to the cost of their paint job.

If you’re considering Termite Terry for your next termite repair job, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to my friends and business associates.”

John Thomas
John Thomas Painting

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