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Woman Greeted By A Giant Rat On Her Kitchen Counter!

    It was late at night and this lady, who lives in a home which is worth millions of dollars, woke up feeling thirsty and went off to the kitchen for a glass of water. The house was dark at that hour, so she had to carefully find her way to the kitchen by following the dim light produced by a few night lamps. When she got to the kitchen, her hands searched the wall for a light switch. When she finally found the switch and turned on the lights, she was greeted by a GIANT RAT, sitting there on her kitchen counter! The view of the rat, which was well over 12 inches long, sent a tremor of fear throughout her body and she let out a scream that woke up everyone in her house, as well as the next door neighbors. The rat was startled by her loud scream and the bright lights and it quickly scurried off to hide under the kitchen cabinets and appliances.

    The following morning, her husband went to the local hardware store to purchase some traps. Unfortunately, he purchased mouse traps which were way too small to catch a large BEAST, such as this rat. Also, this lady did not appreciate seeing mouse traps placed all over her kitchen counter tops. That is when she decided it was time to call me.

    Whenever I take on a project like this, I always start with a thorough inspection. This was a well built home and I had to find out how this rat, as well as others, got inside. After searching, I found 2 holes where a plumber had serviced the drains and left large holes in the walls. Also, I discovered a new air conditioning line had been installed which left a huge hole in a vent screen where rats could easily walk inside her home.

    We sealed up these holes with screen and stucco. Next, we got some rat traps and hid them inside new plastic stations. We placed these stations behind furniture, under cabinets and appliances. In less than 24 hours, the rat was caught and thanks to our effective rodent proofing, no more rats were able to get inside.

    Have rats in your home? Call the “Terminator” or click on order form for help and sleep well tonight!