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Legalized Pot Creates Demand For Pest Control

Pot smokers finally got what they wanted and Cannabis production is now legal in Colorado and WashingtonStates. In the past, Cannabis growers faced criminal charges for growing the mind-altering crop and they weren’t all that concerned with pesticide regulations. The […]

How To Keep Your Home Rodent Free!

Many homeowners in OrangeCounty are having a problem with mice and rats, especially during the cold season. That is because these pests will often enter homes so they can avoid the bad weather and stay warm. The most common complaint […]

How To Keep Your Home Pest Free This Winter

     It is winter time in California and now that the weather has cooled down, most of us will be spending more time indoors. During these cooler days, you’ll also find that many different pests are going to want to […]

Bug Bombs Are Overused and Can Be Dangerous!

    The New York Times recently reported a story about a woman who set off 20 bug bombs in her apartment. She must not have been satisfied with the results, so she set off 20 more bug bombs the following […]

Rave Reviews!

    “I found Termite Terry on Angie’s List and it was a good find. This was an excellent experience! Everyone from the receptionist (Sassy) on the phone to the inspector (Ryan) to the tarp team . . . all great! […]

How To Keep Your Home Pest Free This Summer

    The weather is warming up in Orange County and many homeowners are seeing an unusually high number of insects and rodents around their homes this year. Our recent long and wet winter is probably the main reason for this […]

Rave Reviews!

   “We brought Termite Terry in to inspect a residence we were interested in buying. An inspection had been done earlier but we had concerns that the report might not accurately reflect the extent of the damage we were seeing. […]

There Is A Huge Difference In Pest Control Philosophy

    We’re currently expanding our business and are looking to hire some new technicians. While conducting interviews, I always ask what they know about the various pests and what methods they use to control them. That’s because we’ve got to […]

Two Companies Busted For Selling Illegal Pesticides!

    The EPA has recently busted two companies for selling unregistered pesticides. One is located in New Jersey and the other is in New York. Both are facing stiff penalties for violating federal pesticides law.     “When stores sell illegal […]

Galapagos Islands Rat Eradication

    The Galapagos Islands have unique bird and reptile species and are a treasure for scientist and tourist. These must be preserved and that means that hundreds of millions of rats must die. This 19-island cluster is located 600 miles […]