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I Was So Scared That My Heart Stopped Beating!

It was just another one of those beautiful days in Orange County when I got a call from a homeowner who was complaining about some noises he heard in his wall. Everyone else at our office was really busy, so I told him I’d be right over to take a look at it.

His home was on Balboa Island and when I first got there, I took a quick walk around the home to see if there were any obvious signs of rodent activity. Must say that his home looked to be in really good shape and I started wondering why he was having a problem. I went to his front door, introduced myself and then asked him to show me where he was hearing the noise. We looked around the interior of his home and there were no signs of activity, at all. So, I asked him if I could take a look in his attic. I was a bit surprised when he told me his attic access was located up on the roof deck.

He led me outside, and then we walked up the steps to the roof deck. The attic access was about 2 foot wide, 2 foot high and the door was missing. I thought to myself, “No wonder he has a problem – anything could simply walk in there and set up a home!”

I put on my coveralls, got my flashlight and crawled in there. Didn’t see any signs of rodent droppings, but I did see some large animal footprints. I went on back in the attic about 30 feet so that I could look around the corner. Suddenly, a very large raccoon jumped out from behind the corner and came after me. Raccoons can be very aggressive and I admit it, I was so scared that my heart stopped beating! But, I knew that I had better get out of there quickly, so I turned around and crawled out as fast as possible. Never once did I turn around to look back – I just kept waiting to feel it bite me. Fortunately, I got out unharmed.

Now, please ask me why my wife always insists that I pay my annual life insurance premiums on time! 🙂