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Newly Discovered “Super Spider”

    If you suffer from arachnophobia, your “worst nightmare” may have been discovered in the form of a venomous and quick moving tarantula the size of a dinner plate!

    This arachnid can grow up to eight inches in diameter and was discovered in a Sri Lankan village. It has caused a panic among many villagers because they believe that its bite can be deadly. Residents are killing them on sight.

    The stunning new spider is named “Poecilotheria rajaei”. They have eight legs, eight eyes, two fangs and are covered in beautiful ornate markings.

    This spider is usually found living in trees. Anyone who has been hiking under trees has been startled by spiders, dangling from silken threads. But, can you imagine finding one of these “super spiders” hanging down from a tree, right in front of your face, that is the size of a volley ball? Oh my!!

   Believe it or not, there are two known spiders that are larger than a “Poecilotheria rajaei”. The world’s largest spider is the “goliath bird-eater” and it measures out at a full 12 inches!

    We don’t currently have any “super spiders” living in our country and let’s all hope that no one imports any of these. In Orange County, our two major venomous spiders are the Black Widow and the Brown Widow. They both measure up at only about 1 inch but can still be very scary when they land on you or one of your children.

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