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Rats Drive An Elderly Woman To Tears!

We got a call from a person one day and she told us about a problem her aunt was having with rats in her home. She said her aunt was going hysterical! I told the younger lady I’d take care of it and I drove over to the aunt’s home to see what we could do.

When I arrived, the aunt shook my hand and I asked if she would show me the areas where she was seeing rats. As we started the tour, she also apologized about the condition of her home. I personally thought she did a good job of keeping it clean. But, it was terrible to see what the rats had done to her home.

First thing I noticed was a 2 inch hole where rats had eaten through the bottom of a kitchen cabinet. Found a rat’s nest behind the washing machine. In her master bedroom closet, rats had chewed up various clothing items and shoes. Behind her nightstand, rats had chewed up her carpet and tried to make a nest of it. The most dramatic event occurred when we walked into her family room and saw a dead rat laying there on the floor. When the aunt saw this, she started crying and fell to her knees! She couldn’t understand why this was happening to her. I helped her to a chair, told her to relax and assured her we’d take care of everything.

This was a decent home and I knew there had to be a simple answer to her problem. I kept looking until I found the answer. The source of the problem turned out to be in the attached storage room, outside. The storage room’s doors had large gaps at the bottom that allowed rats to go in and out. Once inside the storage room, rats were able to chew through the wall and get into her home under the kitchen cabinets. The solution was simple; Repair the doors and fix the holes in the wall.

The aunt is a good woman and there is no reason why she or anyone else should have to put up with rats. If you know anyone with a problem like this, please have them call us at (949) 631-7348 or click on order form – Don’t we all hate seeing anyone get this upset?