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Rats And Roaches Grounding Airliners!

Just before passengers were due to board a Qantas Air Lines Boeing 767 in Sydney, Australia, flight attendants discovered five rats in the airplane’s cabin. The passengers were all moved to another flight. The airline’s engineers had to check all wiring for damage and exterminators were brought in to remove the rats.

An Air Canada flight, bound for London, was also canceled after a giant rat was found in an overhead locker. Once the captain became aware of the problem, he immediately ordered all 205 passengers off the Boeing 767. The flight was canceled after a pest control team conducted an intensive search, but could not find the rodent.

A Delta Airlines jet, in Atlanta, had to be grounded because U.S. health inspectors found rodent droppings “too numerous to count” near the jet’s food and drink storage area. The airline took this problem seriously, caught the rodents and cleaned up the plane as needed.

A passenger, on an American Airlines flight to Washington, was horrified when she found a bunch of cockroaches in the first class section. The flight was delayed for 90 minutes while the plane was searched. This passenger said she sat there the entire time, curled up in her seat thinking, “How many roaches are going to be in my bag when I get out?”  She was eventually told that 50 roaches were found on a curtain, located between the pilot and first class.

“Termite” Terry says, “In these tough economic times, every company is looking for ways to cut cost. But, as you can clearly see by these stories, a quality pest control service would have saved these airlines a fortune and would have done wonders for protecting their reputation.”  Do you have a business that needs pest control protection? Call our office at (949) 631-7348 or click on order form and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment at your convenience.