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Swarming Bees Kill Elderly Couple!

An elderly couple in Texas was killed after they tried to remove bees from the fireplace in their home, located on a remote ranch. The couple’s daughter-in-law told reporters that the bees began swarming after her father-in-law started spraying a hive the bees had built in their fireplace. The owner’s son was also stung, but managed to get away and drive to the nearest phone so he could call emergency services. There are no cell phone services in this remote community.

The County Sheriff’s deputies responded and the owner was found dead upon their arrival. They were able to get the owner’s wife, who had been stung more than 300 times, out of the house. The wife was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, the bee stings were more than she could handle and she wound up dying the following day.

“Termite” Terry would like to remind everyone of how dangerous it is to try and take care of bee problems on your own. Unless you have been specially trained and have all of the proper equipment, bee treatments really are best left for a professional to handle. Do you have a bee problem? Call our office at (949) 631-7348 or click on order form and we’ll schedule an inspection at your convenience.