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Millions Have Mites In Their Eyelashes And Don’t Know It

Do you ever share your mascara with someone else? Ever go to a store where they have samples of mascara, and try some on before you decide which color to buy? If you have, chances are that you also received […]

Christmas Tree Critters

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Did you know that there are approximately 33 million fresh Christmas trees that are sold in the United States every single year? Did you also know that there can be up to 25,000 critters […]

Check Out This Video of Mites In The House!

This video was taken by an owner who had bird mites crawling all over her home. This is gross! After a careful inspection, we discovered the mites were coming from pigeon nests located in the eaves at the front and […]

Blue Birds Earning Their Keep In California Vineyard

In an innovative study, nest boxes were installed at a California vineyard and they have attracted hundreds of birds. And, in exchange for the “free housing”, the farmer’s crops have been picked clean of pests. This is heartening news for […]