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Family Dog Killed By Swarm Of Bees!

When a family in Torrance left for church on a Sunday morning, their healthy dog was happy and playing in the backyard. But, when the family returned later that day, they found their dog lying in a corner of their yard. The dog was convulsing and her face was badly swollen. There were hundreds of bee stingers in her face, neck and head.

“We thought they were flies, she was convulsing and breathing very hard,” the dog’s owner said. “I tried to carry her to the patio. She was in a lot of pain and stiff. It looked like her nervous system was shot already.”

The family gave the dog Benadryl and tried to remove as many bee stingers as possible, but the 40 pound dog died 15 to 30 minutes later.

Jonnie Quantz, a veterinarian at the Animal Emergency Referral Center in Torrance, said that she sees many cases of bee sting allergies and reactions. And, some of these sting victims do suffer from anaphylaxis, which causes death.

“When an animal is stung, pulling stingers out only releases more venom,” Quantz said. “But, even so, she said there was probably little the dog’s owner could have done to save their dog after such a massive bee attack.” The doctor went on to recommend that in cases like this, owners should immediately transport their pets to an animal emergency clinic.

They later traced the origin of the bees and found them to be coming from a hive, located in the attic of the owner’s home. The owners were unaware that they had a bee colony living in their attic.

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