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How To Keep Your Home Pest Free During The Holidays!

    It is winter time in California and now that the weather has cooled down, most of us will be spending more time indoors. During these cooler days, you’ll also find that many different pests are going to want to join you indoors because they are looking for food and warmth.

    Unfortunately, with our doors and windows closed while we all try to stay warm, these “unwelcomed pests” will increase the chances for disease to spread. That is why our winter may be the most advantageous time of the year to protect your home against “unwelcomed pests” and disease.

    Rats, cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders and dust mites can negatively affect the health of a family. Cockroaches are especially frustrating for homeowners to deal with and are known to spread Salmonella. They can also contribute to the development of allergies and asthma, particularly in children.

    During these cool months, it is very common for us to find roof rats living in a home’s attic.  It is also very common for us to find where rats have chewed their way through heating system air ducts so they can set up their nests, inside. If you’ll take a look inside one of these infested heating ducts, you’ll find a lot of rodent droppings, urine and sometimes, their blood. Now, I don’t want to gross you out, but stop and think of what happens when you turn on your heater when you have a mess like that inside of your heating ducts. That’s right! The heater will be blowing all of that dust from the rodent droppings, urine and blood right into your house. And, all of your family will be inhaling that stuff all night long!  Rodents are notorious for spreading diseases, such as Arena Virus, Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis, Murine Typhus, Plague, Rat Bite Fever and Salmonellosis.

Ten Things You Can Do To Help Keep
Your Home Pest Free This Winter:

  1. Guard against importing pests by checking incoming materials for “hitchhiking” bugs. Many pests can be carried in luggage, laundry and groceries and others, such as Argentine ants, may be introduced in nursery stock.
  2. Trim trees, bushes and vines away from buildings to discourage insect and rodent passage.
  3. Remove plants that attract insects because of their fruit or nectar, or because they harbor honeydew-producing insects (e.g. fig trees, cherry laurel, bamboo, oleander).
  4. Eliminate tree stumps, leaf piles, boards on the ground and other favored nest sites outdoors.
  5. Seal cracks in walkways and driveways and fill rot holes in trees where these provide harborage for many different pests.
  6. Store firewood off the ground and away from your building. Check firewood for pests before bringing it indoors.
  7. Screen windows and vents. Seal crevices in foundations and around doors, windows and vents to discourage pest entry.
  8. Correct outside moisture problems, such as leaking flashing, clogged gutters and downspouts and soil-wood contact.
  9. Ensure good ventilation in attics and eaves. Eliminate moisture problems caused by plumbing leaks or condensation in bathrooms and kitchens.
  10. Keep food and garbage in tightly fitting containers, especially overnight when many pests are most active.

    By correcting these problems and conditions, you will greatly reduce the number of pests entering your home and you will substantially reduce the amount of insecticides needed to control your pest problems. You will also be doing your part to provide a better, safer environment for you and your family.

    Are you having problems with pests during this cold winter? Would you like to have some help in dealing with these pests? If so, call our office and ask for a complimentary “57 Point Pest Audit”. Your home or business will be inspected, inside and out, top to bottom and you’ll learn many ways to help you keep your home pest free. To schedule your complimentary pest audit, call our office at (949) 631-7348 or use our online order form and we’ll schedule an appointment at your convenience!