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Rodents in Cars

Val & Mike’s Auto Service in Huntington Beach talked to us recently about an increase of evidence in rodent habitation in vehicle engine compartments. They have been servicing our truck fleet since 2009 and know we are the experts when […]

20 Rats Pulled Out Of A Wall!

It was Friday afternoon and I had promised my wife that I’d be home a little after 5pm so I could take her out for dinner. But, all of my promises went out the window when I got a call […]

Woman Greeted By A Giant Rat On Her Kitchen Counter!

    It was late at night and this lady, who lives in a home which is worth millions of dollars, woke up feeling thirsty and went off to the kitchen for a glass of water. The house was dark at […]

Rats And Roaches Grounding Airliners!

Just before passengers were due to board a Qantas Air Lines Boeing 767 in Sydney, Australia, flight attendants discovered five rats in the airplane’s cabin. The passengers were all moved to another flight. The airline’s engineers had to check all […]

Rats Drive An Elderly Woman To Tears!

We got a call from a person one day and she told us about a problem her aunt was having with rats in her home. She said her aunt was going hysterical! I told the younger lady I’d take care […]