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How To Control Those Pesky Ants

According to the National Pest Management Association, ants are the number one pest that homeowners need help with. The owners of restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, and other buildings, frequently need help with these pests, also. Why are ants such a big […]

How To Keep Ants Out Of Your Home Or Business

Ants are among the most prevalent pests in households. Ants also frequently invade restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, and other buildings where they can find food and water. Why are ants such a big problem and why do so many home and […]

Kim Kardashian Needs Fire Ants?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that affects 7.5 million Americans. Kim Kardashian has grappled with this skin disease for years and now, we have learned that compounds found in fire ants may be able to finally offer her some relief.  […]

The Case Of The Elusive Ants

Several years ago on a hot summer day in Orange County, Termite Terry got a call from a client who said that he had ants everywhere in his house and needed help. They discussed the problem for a couple of […]

Scientist At UC Riverside Builds A Better Ant Trap

Thanks to the great entomology department at UC Riverside, the way we control ants may be about to change for the good of all. Kevin Welzel, a doctorial student at UC Riverside, has just published a study showing how a […]

Rave Reviews! Pest Control Costa Mesa

    “I had flying bugs which I thought were termites. Erik (who was very professional and personable) came out and he said they were definitely not termites and that I should talk to the pest control expert. I spoke with […]

Rave Reviews! Termite & Pest Control

    “We are writing this letter to recommend without reservation the services of Termite Terry Pest Control. This company stood out from all the others we considered and this is why. Their customer service was excellent. When we finally were […]

Big-Headed Ants Invade Costa Mesa!

State agricultural officials have confirmed presence of the aggressive “Pheidole megacephala” species of the big-headed ant in the front yard of a home in Costa Mesa. This is the first documented sighting of this species in its natural environment anywhere […]

How To Keep Your Home Pest Free This Summer

    The weather is warming up in Orange County and many homeowners are seeing an unusually high number of insects and rodents around their homes this year. Our recent long and wet winter is probably the main reason for this […]

Ants as Architects?

Check out these amazing photos and the video. They reveal some of the most amazing art and architecture you’ve ever seen in your life! You’ll never believe what amazing creatures ants really are until you take a look at this. […]